Working Smarter with Repurposed Content

Working Smarter with Repurposed Content

Day 4 – Repurposed Content

It’s day 4 and you have stuck it out. So far we have covered:
“Balancing Planned and Spontaneous Content”
“Utilizing Story Arcs”
“The Ease of Content Themes”
We have tackled what to write and now it’s time to show you how to save time and elevated your funneling efforts with repurposed content. 

Day 4 - Working Smarter with Repurposed Content.

What do you mean Repurposed Content?

Let’s discuss what I mean by “repurposing” content. When you write a post on a blog, on a social media platform page or group or a micro-blog you can take that content, create graphics and extend conversations throughout the entire week. Let me show you an example using a spotlight, guest blog post that I did back in July of 2018. This post originally appeared on Meghan Doyle’s “The Freckled Storyteller” as part of “Snarky Mom Spotlight”. If you haven’t read the series, I encourage you to pop over there and take a look. She brought on some amazing Mom and Dog Mom’s to tell a little bit about themselves and their lives. 

Snarky Mom Spotlight

The title of my blog post was “5 Ways to Build Confidence Daily”. I wrote the article and Meghan created the graphic above to showcase within the post. I also shared some family photos as they related to my story. Obviously, when I share the blog article, I can go ahead and share as well as Pin the image that Meghan created. But now I want to show you how other content can be pulled from the article and be repurposed and shared for about a week, continually funneling back to this blog post. 

The 5 Steps

Let me start by saying this; Some of the easiest content to write is when you give the “5 Steps to” or “10 Engagement Posts” for. It gives you content planned out, step by step, already done for you. In my article “5 Ways to Build Confidence Daily”, I give 5 different examples, listed 1-5. This list of 1 through 5 can now be made into graphics that can be shared on different social media platforms, funneling people back to your blog post. That’s 5 more pieces of content from one blog post! Here is how it’s done:

Repurposing Content from Blog Posts
1. Say What You Believe In. 
Repurposing Content from Blog Posts
2. Surround Yourself with Like Minded People.
Repurposing Content from Blog Posts
3. Don’t Undervalue What You’re Good At.
Repurposing Content from Blog Posts
4. Get to Know Yourself
Repurposing Content from Blog Posts
5. Show Grace & Gratitude

Tips, Tricks and Facts

In addition to the “steps” within a post, you can also take any tips, tricks, and facts within your article and create visual content to share online and on other social media platforms. Here are a few examples from the article referenced above:

Repurposing Content from Blog Posts
Repurposing Content from Blog Posts

Direct Quotes from the Body of the Article

Another fabulous way to repurpose content is to take direct quotes from within the body of the blog or social media post. These are PERFECT for Instagram and even Facebook. You can easily add a link in your bio or in the post, directing them to the post. Or tell a portion of the story and direct them to the blog post, to continue reading. Check out these two quotes, from the article, that I created using stock photos.

Repurposing Content from Blog Posts
Repurposing Content from Blog Posts

9 More Sharing and Funneling Opportunities

By sharing the examples above, I have shown you how you can pull content from one social media or blog post, into a total of 10 posts or funneling opportunities. In addition, you are allowing yourself more time to work on income producing actives and not be stuck trying to come up with brand new content day after day. It’s the perfect example of “re-purposing” content and ultimately working smarter and not harder. 

Take some time out to revisit your blog posts. Pull out tips, tricks, quotes, and facts, creating graphics and creating more funneling opportunities for your content. Make sure to spread them across all of your social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Share with us below, in the comments, some blog posts that you have gone back to! We can’t wait to read them! 

Day 5 will be here tomorrow!
We will be discussing how you can batch content in order to better use your time! 
Until Next Time, 

Michele M. Bradley