12 Days of Christmas

The Ease of Content Themes

Day 3 – Using Themes for Content Creation

Creating new content daily, weekly or monthly isn’t easy. I mean, is it just me or do you also sit and stare at the computer, knowing you have to post, but having no idea what you should post? I mean never mind that there is an unlimited supply of material out there. It’s like those alien movies and just when I need it, the ideas slink away, never to be seen again. That’s why I love getting in the mindset of “themes”.

Using Themes to Create Content

What Do You Mean by Themes?

When I use the words “themes” to describe content creation, I am wide open with ideas. For example, this example below was a theme I used for October. The theme was “Strong Women”. I used photos, quotes, and music lyrics, highlighting my friends, singers/songwriters, activists, and actresses. The theme was pulled together with a purple-hued color palette and voila, a month of content! This example shows my Instagram feed but the best thing about themes is that you can use it across all of your social media channels. Graphics on Instagram. Videos and Music on Facebook. Links funneling people to a blog post on Twitter. You can create content on all of your online channels, funneling people from one place to the next to see what you post!

michele m bradley Instagram Photo theme

The 3 P’s of Content and Themes

Using a theme doesn’t mean you can stray away from the 3 P’s of Content strategy. Those “P’s” stand for Personality, Purpose, and Promotional.
And you’re probably wondering “How can I add promotional content into a theme”? Let’s look a few examples. 

Strong Women
Clothing: Flat-lays and Storytelling. Put together some “Power Pose” outfits and tell a story about the women who wear them. Makeup: Tutorials of wing liner, a red lip. Those makeup looks that make us feel our best. Jewelry: Statement pieces that pull together your entire look and make you feel totally in control. 

30 Days of Gratitude
Share community businesses and how they affect your life. Share how your business has helped your family. Give Shout-outs to customers. 

Snarky Mom Life
Cater to Mom’s out there by sharing problems your product solves. Share organizational tips on the products/items that coincide with the products you represent. Put together gift packs and ask for nominations. 

michele m bradley instagram

As you can see from my examples above, adding in promotional content into your themes isn’t hard at all. The key with each and every post is not only aiming it towards your ideal client with storytelling and keywords but also providing content with them in mind. Solve their problems, make life easier and provide the customer service they deserve.  

Theme Content Ideas by Month

If you struggle with content creation, let me help. Here are a few themes suggestions for each month of the year. But remember, you can switch these around and use them in different months than designated here and you also don’t have to have a theme continue through an entire month. Weekly themes work well too. 

  • January: Fresh Start, New Year New You, Abundant Living 
  • February: For the Love of It, My Heart Soars When…
  • March: Spring Cleaning, Planting Seeds, Self-Care
  • April: April Showers (FAQ’s and things that make life easier)) 
  • May: Mother May I, Here Comes the Sun, Here and Now
  • June: Influential Men, School’s Out
  • July: History of….., Summer Vacation, Travel Tips
  • August: Education, Indoor Activities
  • September: Fall, School’s Back
  • October: Fall or Halloween
  • November: Gratitude, Traditions
  • December: Holidays (12 Days of Christmas) or Fighting the Winter Blues

Theme? Got it! Now What

Once you have your theme picked out you will have to create the content to post during that timeframe. Paying attention to trending topics, frequently asked questions, as well as current events, are just a few ideas for content creation. Sourcing content is easy but it does mean research, planning, and organization. I suggest using Trello or Evernote to organize your content and research. Make sure you are tracking the website or source that inspired your content and give credit when credit is due. If you’re looking for some more resources you can utilize to source content, grab my FREEBIE

Whew! Let’s Wrap It Up!

I hope this blog post has helped you understand how themes can help you with content creation and strategy. Every once in awhile your brain needs a little nudge towards creativity and staying focused on one subject and I think themes help with that. 

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Day 4 is focused on “Batching Content”.

Until Next Time, 

Michele M. Bradley