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We see it all the time. Month after month. The same names, never changing, always rewarding the standards by which success is measured by our companies. In other words, making the company goals more important than the goals of an individual. As mentors, up-line and leaders we KNOW that there is something missing. We know that in this industry, the things that make the experience mean more, is the culture that we are create within our teams. A culture that makes each person feel valued and special. A culture that does recognition different!

Recognize a Different Way!

Here are 5 different ideas to help recognize your team members and to cultivate a giving and action based culture within your entire team. And if you don’t have a team to recognize yet, check out my article 3 Ways to Be a Leader Before You Have the Title.

Team Recognition

  • Trend Setter 

This is the person who is always trying something new. A new way to wear or use something, a new business app or program, a new way to do an imperative part of business. She takes the time to introduce and share her experience with others, no matter whose team they are on. 

Trend Setter Badge

  • Mindset Motivator 

You know the one. She comments and cheers everyone on, regardless if she is their “upline”. She is excited for everyone’s success and shows it on the team group, whenever she can! Mindset Motivator

  • Help Me Rhonda!

Questions get asked 24/7. They are never ending and it’s because each and every person, on your team, is in a different place on their journey. Help Me Rhonda! is the consultant on your team who is always there to step up and help. She answers questions and messages other consultant’s to delve just a little deeper. 

Help Me Rhonda Badge

  • Task Master

Task! Not Tsk! She for sure isn’t doing anything wrong! The Task Master is the person or persons who help you keep house. She is helping with the training, maybe doing birthday/anniversary recognition for the team and is helping by approving posts. It wouldn’t be the same without her. 

  • Stair Master

I am all about ACTION and rewarding people for taking the steps. Sometimes it’s not the end goal, it’s the action and the steps we are taking to get there. We all know it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Rewarding the Stair Master shows that continuing to take the steps, even if she isn’t landing in the top of the corporate or team standards, is just as important.

Stair Master Badge

As a leader of a team, it’s our job to meet people where they are at. The important thing to remember is that not every person, on our team, wants to work full time. They don’t want to work for those incentive trips and it may not be important to be number one. Talk to them, find out what they want and find our what they are doing to get there. You may be pleasantly surprised and it may spark you to create a new form of recognition just for her! 

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  1. Kelly preski

    This is amazing! This is my year to build and rebuild and this tool will be the key I love being “ different “ and tam always looking for a new way to reward peopleLately I’ve been using extra paid for trainings and technology but I love thisout of the box idea

  2. You just put into words everything I’ve been thinking and helped me understand why I didn’t want to do team recognition the “traditional” way anymore. You know for hitting certain goals, or like you said whatever our company deems as the marks of success. There are sooo many other markers for success! And what they are is different for every person! Thank you for this post!

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