5 Ways to Change Your Perspective

Letting Perspective Take Over

Yesterday, I was SALTY!

I mean I was so salty that I was basically a bouillon cube.
Actually more like ten bouillon cubes in one cup of water. 
It was overwhelming. And to be honest, overwhelm is not a norm for me.
I don’t know how to handle it. So I allow myself to be grumpy, complain to whoever will listen, and focus on things that just aren’t important.
But that idea of “what’s important” didn’t come until late last night.

You see, last night, I was sinking in the abyss of “glass half empty”. I was on an unfriending and unfollowing spree. I complained all day to my people and basically ended every conversation with ugh and an exaggerated eye roll. I just couldn’t see an end in sight. I just knew that tomorrow was not going to be a new day, it was going to be the same kind of day. Until it wasn’t.

5 Ways to Change Your Perspective

Yesterday the Bullshit Mattered.

  • I allowed myself to care about people who weren’t instrumental in my life, to take up headspace.
  • I allowed situations that no longer served a purpose in my life, to take up heart space.
  • I allowed myself to snowball from one judgment to another.
  • I allowed myself to focus on things that I preach against, every single day.

Late last night, after a shit day, I found out that an awful tragedy hit close to home. And when I say close, I mean really close. And with that discovery, I sunk into a place of perspective. Just a few simple words pulled me to a place of sadness and made me reminiscent of my own day of tragedy.

And then I saw THE post…

It was the post that changed everything. A simple post that reminded me of what really matters and how minuscule and insignificant the things that I focused on yesterday, really were. It allowed me to change my view on the events of the past week. It led me to today.

A New Day

Today I am grateful that I have the ability to make decisions that affect my life.

  • I am grateful that my family is healthy and taken care of.
  • I am grateful that I took a chance on people. That I allowed myself to trust again, even when every fiber of my being was screaming NO!
  • I am grateful that I am self-aware and that I can see what I am doing and how I am acting and then push myself to STOP IT!

I decided to share this story for a few reasons. Most reasons revolve around the realization that everyone has these moments. That no matter how self-aware you are, mindset struggles are REAL. But the most important reason is to take a deep look at perspective and how you can change it without a huge tragedy happening.

When Asked If My Glass is Half-Full or Half-Empty My Reply Should Always Be I Am Grateful

How Can You Change Your Perspective?

I thought it would be a great time to share a few ways that you can evaluate your behavior and then put solutions into practice that change the way you view something that you feel is happening to you.

  1. Remember. nothing lasts forever.
  2. What is visible to you, is not the full story. There is always “more” beneath the surface.
  3. We always have a choice on how we view things.
  4. If it doesn’t feel good, move on to something that does. We can always circle back around.
  5. We can’t change people/things but we can change how we react.

Today, do yourself a solid and focus on gratitude and perspective. Focus on the things that you can control, that can help move your mental status and your business towards the place you want to be. And remember, that sometimes, people are doing the very best they can. A little understanding and compassion go a long way.

Until Next Time,

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  1. This is so true… you know at my age a few more people are starting to pass on in life than before. And I came upon a post that read “ thank God I’m on the wake up list today”.
    Hugs and keep on keeping on… did I date myself? LOL
    Be well my friend.

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