Planoly: A Free Instagram Tool for Direct Sellers

Do you love Instagram and use it for Direct Sales?

If you answered yes to this question, I have the perfect solution for you!

Planoly is an end to end visual management platform. It allows you to visually plan, schedule, analyze and directly comment all in one place. And the best part, it’s FREE

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform that encourages people to share their passions via photo and video expression. It’s appealing grid aesthetic, easy to use operation, and fast moving timeline plays well with our 3 second attention span and spurs creativity. 

Here are some mind-blowing facts. 

  • Instagram users share 95 million posts a day.
  • Instagram is the third most popular social media site with over 800 million monthly, active users.
  • Most engagement on Instagram is done on weekdays, during working hours. 
  • 80% of users follow a business on Instagram. 

These numbers are mind-blowing and it shows that even though businesses carry a lot of influence on Instagram, these businesses are doing it right and creating relationships with people and keeping them engaged. 

Instagram Direct Sales

How Can Planoly Help?

There are quite a few apps and programs out here that schedule social media. So what makes Planoly so appealing? A clean and easy to use visual planner that works and syncs between an app and a desktop version. YEP! That’s right! You can work directly from your phone or a desktop. So let’s take a look!

First Impressions Mean A Lot!

When you first jump on Planoly you are greeted by a “get to it” landing page. It encourages you to sign up for a FREE account and can even register with your Instagram account. A free account will allow you to schedule and analyze your Instagram account, 30 days at a time. This is more than enough to make a difference in your day to day planning. 

Once you’re signed up and you have linked your Instagram account, you are ready to start planning. Here are examples of the planning screen. 


nstagram Direct Sales MOBILE VERSION

nstagram Direct Sales

Adding graphics and photos as you make them, allows for easy sharing in the future. As you can see, both versions give you a clear view of your Instagram feed. In addition, you have three tabs that allow you to see, Unscheduled, Scheduled and All. Adding content for future use is a easy as clicking the plus + symbol. With the option to store, schedule and direct post, Planoly is an unstoppable force in the market of social media tools. 

What Else Does Planoly Offer?

Saved Hashtag Lists
In addition to the simple interface, Planoly also allows you to create and save individual hashtags lists. These lists can be added to a post in just one click of a button, cutting down the time you spend on hashtag research and creation. I mean how cool is that?nstagram Direct SalesAnalytics

With the FREE version of Planoly you get analytics on 1 month of content. It shows you the stats for the current week compared to last week. The details are as follows:

  • Number of Posts
  • Number of Likes
  • Comments
  • Likes Per Post
  • Comments Per Post
  • Follower Gain/Loss

nstagram Direct Sales

Discover New Content

Planoly not only allows you to plan your posts, post them directly on Instagram but they also make it VERY easy to discover new people, content and hashtags. Just type in the details and watch it go! And I don’t want to leave out something pretty special! In each section, there is a plus button that allows you to regram, add to grid or post on Pinterest. 

nstagram Direct Sales

Direct Commenting and Reply

If you find yourself planning posts, doing some analytical research or utilizing any of the other features that Planoly offers, you can also choose to comment and reply directly without opening a new screen or device. Planoly allows direct access to the comments sections of Instagram

nstagram Direct Sales

Shoppable Content

If your company allows it, Planoly also has a shoppable content upgrade. It provides a step by step process and makes the entire process easier! 

Have I convinced you of my unwavering love of Planoly? I can’t express how much this program has made posting to Instagram a no brainer. The ease, the flexibility, the overall look and feel. It is really the best Instagram planning program I have worked with. And leaders, don’t forget to share it with your team! I hope you give it a try and please feel free to let me know how much you love it! 

Until Next Time, 


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