Properly Using Wacky Holidays in Your Content

How to Properly Use Wacky Holidays in Your Content Strategy

From “Military Family” month to “Stress Awareness” week, using “national days” or “wacky holidays” in content creation for social media is common practice with brands, companies, within the direct sales industry.

Each month, content calendars start arriving from social media experts and content creators. They come across our newsfeeds, in our searches, and when we are stuck, we are so grateful to see them.

  • National Days
  • Awareness Weeks and Months
  • Wacky Holidays
3 Questions to Consider Before Using Wacky Holidays
3 Questions to Consider

3 Questions You Need To Consider

Before choosing a wacky holiday or national day, there are three questions to consider before writing the post.

Are you utilizing this “filler” content with your audience in mind?

Sharing content that doesn’t fit your brand or speak to your audience, can cause you more harm than good. Before you know it, your customers no longer get your posts in their feed and you are writing for no one. Make sure the subject matter has something in common with your target audience.

Is the content you share, feeding your monthly business goals?

The easiest thing you can do is start with a goal and work backward, reverse engineering it, and devising a plan to help achieve it. Your content should be a part of that plan. Let’s take a look at an example.

Your Business and Target Audience
A brick and mortar boutique that sells women’s clothing. Your target audience usually shops at Target because they love trendy clothing at a great price. Their ages range from ages 21-45. They enjoy hanging out with friends, reading fiction, and decorating their homes.

Your Short Term Goal
It’s January and you need to focus on selling winter apparel as the new Spring lines start arriving. Without waiting for a content calendar to arrive, visit one of the websites listed below and choose holidays that speak to your target audience. Check out this list for February. All listed can be relevant, valuable, and work with the business type and business goal outlined above.

Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.
  • An Affair To Remember Month
  • Library Lovers Month
  • Embroidery Month
  • Second Hand Wardrobe Week
  • Random Acts of Kindness Week
  • Groundhog Day
  • Girls and Women in Sports Day
  • Wear Red Day (NWR Day)
  • National White Shirt Day
  • Single Awareness Day
  • National Love Your Pet Day
  • National Retro Day
Does the content before and after the “National Day” post make sense?

Instead of jumping right into a random “Wacky Holiday” post, create a few posts, leading up to it. You want to make sure it’s not out of place or confusing. You can post a video slideshow, before NWR Day, including some red apparel or accessories, in the store. Or you can cast a poll with a “this or that” photo, showing a pink outfit or a red one. Ask them to choose the one they prefer.

After the NWR Day post, follow-up, requesting your audience to post a photo, wearing red. Flanking the post creates a more fluid approach and turns it into a natural arc.

Quality content is easier to produce, sparks engagement, and keeps the audience engaged. It can also help reach your business goals, when used strategically and planned ahead of time.

Michele M. Bradley
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Remember, these 4 key-points when using “wacky holidays” and “National Days” in your content strategy.

4 key points to consider before using a wacky holiday in your content strategy. 
Define Goal.
Consider the Audience.
Choose Relevant Content.
Create a Complete Story Arc.

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