Hater Quotes – Words for the Haters in Your Life

Haters. We all Have Them. Let Quotes Say What You Can’t.

Being a woman shouldn’t be this hard! Yet everyday we run into haters, backstabbers, and mean girls. You know. The ones who are around every corner disguising themselves. The ones that are too easy to find. Could you imagine if a vaccine was found? Now that would be a good day!

On this good day, in that perfect world, people would teach what you know, learn what they don’t and celebrate the success of others. People would give what they receive and everyone would consider their words and actions before it’s too late. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t reality. It’s a continuous search to find “like minded” people. You know the ones. Those that stop everything they are doing to call you to see how your day is. The one’s who celebrate along side of you. The one’s who share, teach, learn and repeat. Celebrate these people!!! And for all of the others, these quotes help us say the words we want to, in the most passive aggressive way possible. 

Haters Make Me Famous

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