February Content Strategies

February is Around the Corner!

If you haven’t already started planning your content for February don’t worry. It’s never too late to START talking about trending topics. So let’s get started on some “outside” of the box ideas.

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Speaking To Your Target Audience

While you want to use current events, holidays and themes in order to stay relevant and trigger target words increasing your reach, it’s also very important to speak directly to your Target Audience. If you haven’t worked out your target audience I highly recommend this course.

“When chatting with your target audience and planning your
content you want to: Be Relatable – Be Useful – Be Profitable.”

Using a variety of content hitting all 3 action items above. This variety can be can video, photos, stories, polls, and call to actions. Speak on topics and content that interest your target audience. For example, if your target audience aims to stay at home mom’s of school-age children, you wouldn’t want to primarily speak on “empty nest” topics. So let’s chat about February content ideas (but please alter to fit your Target Audience).

Think Outside the Box

Whether it’s a graphic, a blog or social media post “List Of” ideas do your research and include things that expand on the current events or holidays and include helpful tips that include your products or services along with other useful items.

Create a word art graphic that contains keywords of the holiday or time of year. I used WordArt.com to create this. Make sure to include some items that you offer or that coordinate with your products.

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Keywords used in word art.
  • Write a local resource guide of local restaurants for Valentine’s Dinner and post it on your Facebook Fan Page. Don’t forget to tag them!
  • Share a “Top Gifts” or a “Gift Guide” and break it down per need or type of relationship or person.
  • “Great Superbowl / Valentines / Groundhog Activites with Kids“.
  • Tell a story about past years event. Ask for their memories.
  • February is all about love and kindness. Mater of fact February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness. Share how you plan on being kind this month. Check out the organizations website for other ideas.
  • Galentine’s Day – Make sure to include the holiday spin-offs to include everyone!
  • Superbowl! People love football and their loyalty runs deep. Run a fun contest regarding football love and loyalty. It could be story-based or photo-based.

Make It Pretty

You have the content but your photography skills are lackluster. No worries! Here are my top choices for your photography and graphic needs.

Floral Deco – Valentine’s Day Bundlehttps://crmrkt.com/G0wDN9

Want More? Grab These Free Resources!

When looking on free resource stock photo sites you want to search various words to find what you’re looking for.

Some ideas for this month:

Love – Colors like Pink, Red, Blush – Heart – Valentine – Wedding – Groundhog Day – Mardi Gras – Fat Tuesday – Football – Nascar – Cars – Race Car – Feminine – Flay Lay – Lace – Date Night – Cookies – Flowers – Chocolate Teddy Bear – Spa – Pampering – Self-Care

  1. Unsplash.Com
  2. Pexels.com
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Need Even More Ideas?

Alright! I have given you a ton of ideas BUT there is always more!
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