Dashing Through the Story Arc

Dashing Through the Story Arc

Day 2 – Dashing Through the Story Arc

When we consider content for social media entrepreneurs for the most part is looking at each individual post separate from the others. And while this works, using the process of a Story Arc can help you build up engagement, build suspense and lead your audience on a journey.

12 Days of Christmas - Day 2

What is a “Story Arc”?

A Story Arc is a journey that you take your audience on. It usually ends with a call to action or a promotional post. It contains a series of posts that range in content. The content will alternate allowing you to be RUP:
These are posts that show your yourself or posts that just encourage participation. Most are purely for entertainment. 
Useful posts are educational. They are teaching or informing. 
This is content that directly shares your services or products. This is a direct sell post or notification of a sale. 

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So How Does a Story Arc Work?

A Story Arc’s limitations are created and set by you, the storyteller. You get to decide how many posts it contains and how many days the arc will span. The things that can’t be compromised is the way a content arc looks. Just like any good movie, there are parts of an arc with an ultimate goal. Let’s use the movie Cinderella for an example:

1. Cinderella has a happy life. 
2. Tragedy strikes and life stinks.
3. A spark happens and she gets invited to the ball. 
4. Meets Prince Charming but it don’t work out. She has to flee.
5. The Prince finds her. 
7. They live happily ever after. 

The rise and fall. A true story told that lasts the test of time. 
So, how does this relate to your online business? Let me show you. 

The Story Arc for the Entrepeneur

So as you can see, the arc for a movie, book or even a song has a rise and a fall. Its purpose is to take the audience on a journey and as an entrepreneur, this reigns true for your content as well. 

Here’s an example of the entrepreneur’s content arc. 
The background:
You sell Pampered Chef. It’s the week before Black Friday and you know you are going to have amazing sales, you just don’t know what yet. Your ultimate goal is to get community amped up for whatever is going to be available. If you use the example of Cinderella you know you will need:

An Introduction. – Relatable

A little-known fact about me. I don’t love ham or turkey. So as you can imagine, it makes holidays a little difficult for a Mom to plan a perfect meal. Oh don’t be mistaken, she did indeed cook the ham and turkey but she also would cook one of my very favorites. Whether it be Swedish Meatballs, Stuffed Shells or Chicken Siciliano there was always a welcome addition to our Christmas table. What is one non-traditional dish would make it to your holiday table? 

The Starting Point – Relatable

Share a Meme about a cooking or holiday disaster. Ask for your community to share one of their own! Make sure you are telling a story!

Start the Climb – Useful

Share your favorite holiday recipe! You know the one! The favorite that everyone requests. Asks your community to share theirs. Continue with your awesome storytelling skills!

The Peak – Relatable and Useful

Tell a story about your favorite kitchen tool or appliance. Make sure to explain, in story form why it’s your favorite. And if your comfortable, you can also share a link for the tool (it doesn’t have to be what you sell). To make things interesting, share an alternate way of using something in everyone’s kitchen or a different way to organize or store it. Something fun, informative and purposeful. 

The Plateau – Relatable and Useful. 

Ask a question!
If there was one thing you could master cooking, what would it be? 
What’s one thing, no matter how many times you try to cook it, it never turns out? As people are sharing, it gives you an opportunity to try to help or encourage others to ask for tips. 

The End – Profitable and Useful. 

Announce the details of the sale. Amp it up and make sure you choose some items that could really help in some of the situations above. Bring attention to how this “sale”, “item” or “service” could help them. This is not about you. This is always about your community and how you can serve them. Make sure as you share, you use storytelling skills as well as keywords that you have picked up from the previous 5 posts. 

It’s as Simple as That!

Story Arc’s are the cornerstone to online marketing and selling. Inviting your community to give their opinions, ask questions and to get to know each other, is the quickest route to a sustainable, long-term business. I hope that my explanation, as well as my example, has shown you how Story Arc’s can help you build community and widen your audience.  Actively planning and implementing engaging content doesn’t have to be hard. It just has to be interesting. 

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Until Next Time, 

Michele M. Bradley