Day 5 - Batching Your Way to Success

Batching Your Way to Success

Day 5 – Batching Content for Success is here

It’s the number one subject that not only entrepreneurs speak about but women in general. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are single or married; a Mother of one or a Mom of many or even a Fur Mom. One job or two. We have one thing in common which is quite simply TIME. 
Today I want to talk about 3 different types of Batching Content and how it can take the stress out of you as a small business owner with an online presence. 
Batching Your Way to Success

Different Types of Batching

Whether it’s a notebook, a digital database, or just the notes on your phone, get into the habit of noting your post ideas right away. 
You can start doing this by defining between 5-7 categories that you want to write about. For example, you have a clothing boutique and you also write about #momlife. So your categories can be:
  1. Clothing/Fashion/Accessories
  2. Make-Up and Hair
  3. Food and Drink
  4. House Organization and Hacks
  5. Travel and Vacations
  6. Parenting
  7. Crafts/DIY
Once you know WHAT you are going to write about, you can easily fit each blog post idea into a category. Just imagine, writing 7-10 posts in each category will leave you with 50-70 posts per year!
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Defining Your Content Freebie

Keep on Writing

Now that you have your never-ending, grand list of ideas. What comes next? You will start noticing trends about your “moods”. Some days you are in the mood to write or some days you are not. So when you’re in the mood to write, WRITE. But do it in a really organized and progressive manner. Here’s a recommendation. 
  • Batch Outlines: Utilizing outlines helps you get the main points of a story down on paper. These outlines will become a standard template and will be developed as you write more and more. Your outline, just like your story should contain the W5H. Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. The flow can come later. Keep in mind where you want your graphics to be and what information you want to display on them. Remember, the outline is just about the facts. And my suggestion, write outlines all at once, while the ideas are flowing and don’t stop until you run out of time or run out of words. 
  • Batch Drafts: The draft. This is all about the brain dump. If you have never heard the term, it simply means to write without stopping. Don’t think, don’t fix, don’t edit and surely don’t backspace. Write as many “brain dump” drafts that you have time for. Ahhh. Didn’t that feel good?
  • Batch Edits: It’s time to finalize the words! Grammarly, spell check, fact check. I know this is the part that most of us dread but as you write more and more you can actually design a checklist just so you don’t miss anything. 

Graphic Creation for the Win

Sometimes you get into a groove and you don’t want to interrupt the flow of creativity. This is especially important when it comes to graphic creation. I hear over and over again, how difficult it is for people to create graphics on the fly. Batching to the rescue! Back when we were discussing batching outlines, I noted that you should note what graphics you want and what you want them to say. When you’re sitting down to batch graphics it’s as simple as 123.
  1. Refer back to your outlines. Take note of all of the graphics that you originally made note of.
  2. Visit your favorite stock image sites or utilize your own graphics. 
  3. Stick with a color scheme or look for each article and add to your draft.
Nothing Will Work Unless You Do

Get Ahead of the Game

Batching content is one of the ways you can simplify your year of storytelling. While the “plan” isn’t always easy to implement and it’s for sure not easy to stick to, it is proven that’s it’s a time saver and helps keep us organized. Give it a shot. Start with just one piece of the puzzle and define your 5-7 content categories. As you follow the steps, you may see that it’s just what you need to increase your productivity. 

Check out our previous 2019 Business Strategy Steps. There are tips aplenty to get you in tip-top shape heading into the new year. And if you want to discuss content ideas JOIN OUR FREE GROUP.

Until Next Time,

Michele M. Bradley


  1. Yes!! I love batching my blog posts. It’s a great way to maximize your built-up momentum and stay efficient. Great post!

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