12 Days of Christmas

Balancing Planned Content and Spontaneous Content

Day 1 – Planned Content vs Spontaneous Content

Planned content. 
Don’t leave! 
I promise I am here to help!
Today we talk about balancing “planned” content and spontaneous content. When you are running a business online and more specifically on social media, you are much better off if you have some semblance of control, with an end goal in mind. The easiest way to do this is with planned content. 
Day 1 - Balancing Planned Content and Spontaneous Content

I Have No Idea What to Write!

So you’re probably asking “Yeah. But what kind of content do I plan?
I have zero ideas!” Let me try to help you. 
When it comes to content, your ability to plan can be made easier if you focus on things that are within your control. You know, the things that happen year after year, at the same time or the things that have no timeframe at all. Here are a few categories for the perfect planned content topics:
Seasonal Content
Holiday Content
Current Events 
Timely Issues and Solutions
Experiences (Both Business and Personal)
You can see here, that all of these topics DO NOT revolve around the company you represent or the release schedule of the products you sell. They are based on YOU, your thoughts and opinions, and your experiences. They have no time restraints. This, simply stated, is your planned content. 

Can I Still Share What I Had for Lunch?

But what about those last minute lunch photos, asking for recommendations for a dry cleaner or the random story about your dog or child? And what about special releases and pop up sales I didn’t know about? Easy! This is your spontaneous content. 
This is the content you share “off the cuff”. And while it is content that isn’t planned you can still use keywords and storytelling, making sure your content still speaks to your ideal client. 

Help Yourself by Helping Your Business

When we use “planned content” we are solving the neverending issue of panic. You are teaching yourself to be proactive instead of reactive. The time you are giving yourself to cultivate material and plan it so it flows naturally with the segment before and afterward. Can you imagine not scrambling to get something out in fear of becoming “invisible” because your the lack of posting? 

A Good Plan Implemented Today is Always Better than a Perfect Plan Implemented Never

Let’s Brainstorm!

Take some time today to write down ideas of “planned content”. Google your company or your area of expertise to see what others are writing and use it for inspiration for your very own content. And make sure to share with others or us! Accountability always increases the chance of success! 
Until Next Time,
Michele M. Bradley


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    you always have a way of sifting through the fog and clarifying the main idea. Thank you for your insight!

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