Michele M. Bradley

Hey there! I am thrilled that you found me!

As you may know already, my name is Michele…but most call me Bradley. Like “Yo Bradley…” so it seems that I inspire people to speak like Rocky when he’s calling Adrian over.

Welcome to my online family room. I am a lover of the real talk, all things Queen Bee and living an authentic and unapologetic life. I am a Mom to an only man-child, Alex, who is 27 and my twin. My hubby Terry is my complete opposite and is the best husband ever.

I created this blog with one thing in mind…To help YOU find your way to success without the nonsense. It’s your place to come, visit and the place to find straight to the point tips, shortcuts and motivation to help you find the success you want in the Direct Sales world. So you may be wondering, “What makes this blog different?”. Well, I can’t really tell you, I will have to show you. Pretty soon you will know what Bradley Bomb’s are all about!

As you look around, you are going to see a little bit about my life and a quite a bit about being a business owner including a career in Direct Sales.

A little bit about my career in Direct Sales. I started my Origami Owl business in 2012 when the company was in the very beginning stages of creation. As I worked my way up the career plan ladder and became a Senior Director with Origami Owl,  I found that I LOVED helping others find success not only in business but in life. Working through issues and finding solutions is what drives me on a day to day basis. So I took my show to the interwebs and here we are!

My greatest hope is that you walk away, after visiting, having learned at least one thing. And I really hope that one thing brings you right back. So let’s get this show on the road! Grab a stiff drink, put your feet up and get ready for a little in your face, truth-talking!

Michele M. Bradley