8 Tips for Moving Past Disappointment

8 Tips for Moving Past Disappointment

Overcoming Disappointment Can Be Difficult

Life Is Full of Disappointments
I mean, let’s be honest here. They can not be avoided.
Being a small business owner allows the opportunity to increase those disappointments.

Along the way, I have found eight tips or reminders that help keep me on track and encourage me to push past the everyday disappointments that we come across in entrepreneurship and in life itself.
Let’s dig in.

8 Tips for Moving Past Disappointment

Take Time To Process

Whether it’s achieving a goal or getting over disappointment, we seem to be obsessed with moving on quickly. I believe REALLY moving on can only happen after you allow yourself time to process.

8 Tips for Moving Past Disappointment

Set a specified amount of time, allowing yourself to analyze the situation. You specifically want to focus on the parts that you have control over. Work at sticking to that allotted time limit and moving forward when the time is up.

Don’t Dwell On What Could Be

When we are faced with disappointment, many times instead of focusing on what we can control, we focus on what could have been. This quickly falls into the “Why Me?” Victim mentality, which in the end, serves no one.

8 Tips for Moving Past Disappointment | Don't Dwell

Instead of asking yourself “Why ME?”, ask “What Can I Do Different?”. This will allow you the opportunity to move into a problem-solving mode right from the beginning which is easier than shifting later on in the process.

Avoid Self-Pity

Self-Pity is a downward spiral that gives you permission to take one situation and turn it into a “Woe Is Me” lifestyle. Self-Pity can lead to avoidance, disconnection, and an inability to take action.

8 Tips for Moving Past Disappointment | Avoid Self-Pity

When taking time to process, stay on task, only looking at the current issue at hand and the parts that you have the capacity to change.

The truth is, our life is affected by outside influences and actions. But ultimately we have the power to change the way we interact and we react.

Show Yourself Grace

Grace is defined as “Love or Mercy”. And it goes without saying that we often show love and mercy towards others before showing it to ourselves. Giving yourself Grace ultimately starts with a shift in mindset. And one of the easiest shifts can start with breaking down the reality of the situation.

8 Tips for Moving Past Disappointment | Show Grace

The reality of the situation can be summed up by focusing on the Top 3. Whether it’s tasks, goals, or priorities, focusing on the Top 3 helps us start on the right foot understanding that we all have limitations.

Put It Into Perspective

“Busy” doesn’t leave much time to examine the direction of our life. That is until something changes and then BAM! We are left wondering “How the hell did we get here?”.Life is continually changing. For better or worse, the changes we experience in our lives can’t be avoided. But we can teach ourselves how to handle change better.

8 Tips for Moving Past Disappointment | Gain Perspective

Ask yourself, “What is the worst-case scenario?” By taking this birds-eye view, we learn to prepare ourselves for the worst. It forces us to understand risk vs reward and helps guide us to be prepared for anything.

If you want to read more about perspective, check out “Letting Perspective Take Over”

Identify the Next Opportunity

Disappointment and failure are temporary but they offer us an almost immediate opportunity to try again. 

8 Tips for Moving Past Disappointment | Identify What's Next

Track and analyze the action and the reaction. Change one aspect and try again. This methodical way of moving forward will result in a very clear baseline for the next time you perform the same type of task.

Think about falling.
You will continue to fall if you do nothing.
But if you take action. Whether that action is reaching out, contorting your muscles, or shifting, the action alone will ultimately affect the outcome. What won’t change the outcome is just falling.

Outline Your Definition of Success


The definition of success varies from one person to the next. But it’s not something we think of when we are viewing the “appearance” of success from the outside. We get wrapped up in the highlight reel, losing sight of the journey or what our own idea of success is.

8 Tips for Moving Past Disappointment | Define Success

Setting goals is one way you can guide yourself as you move towards your own idea of success. It encourages you to take action and then rewards you that there is enough movement to warrant a reward.  Make sure your definition of success is clear and that you have reminders posted that show that success, where you will see them most often.

Create A Plan

Creating a plan provides you with a visual reminder that you are moving towards your final destination while providing you the roadmap to help, along the way.

8 Tips for Moving Past Disappointment | Create A Plan


A plan on its own will not achieve your goal. But a plan along with action creates confidence and confidence is the key to success. Having a guide or a plan to refer back to, just in case you lose sight along the way, gives you the security of GPS. It affords you the ability to take detours to avoid chaos but is continually redirecting you so you reach your final destination.

In life and business, disappointments are inevitable. But there are practices that can be put into place that not only encourage you to work through them but also help protect your mindset along the way. If you would like some daily tips, head on over to Facebook and hit that Follow Button!

I would love to hear what you do to power through the disappointments in life. After all, we are here to help each other through good times and bad.

Until Next Time,

Michele M. Bradley