5 Ways Society Judges Strong Women

Society loves the idea of a strong woman and still sit in judgement of them, daily. 

We see it in every facet of our lives.

  • Movies
  • Books
  • Music
  • Politics
  • and of course Social Media.

We see quotes on every single social media platform known to man. We read the blog posts and the articles about “Alpha” females, Superwomen and figures of inspiration. Society, on a daily basis, encourages us to be strong. Yet, when we do show strength, speak our mind, know our worth, we are a Bitch, called high and mighty, and my personal favorite, negative. The truth is simple. Society, as a whole, loves the idea of a strong women, just not the reality of one.

Let’s take a look at a few popular quotes and the reality behind them. 

Strong Woman Quotes


We Love the Idea of You…

Confidence. You fickle beast of a characteristic! We search for you and peak around the corners hoping you just show up one day. Or if you’re like me, you have NEVER lived a day without it. Either way, society sure does love the idea of you! Especially in women. And then when they come across a woman with TRUE confidence. Confidence that just leaks out of their pores, they go on attack!

We continue to see examples of this in the boardroom, in the Oval Office and sometimes in our own backyard.
Be strong.
Carry the weight!
But don’t you DARE step on our toes.

I’m not sure when or if society as a whole will ever change. If they will ever fully accept strong women in society. But I do know that I alone control who is in my life. And those that follow the directive of “STRONG but NO POWER”…I invite you to exit!

Strong Woman Quotes


Value Yourself!

But not too much. Afterall, you can’t possibly be smarter, stronger or more qualified. And let’s not even get started on running the country. Bottom line, we aren’t much better than the 1950’s when it comes to real equality. At least not by societies opinion.

My opinion? Anything you can do, I can do better!

Nurture, Love, Support. But stop being so emotional - 5 Ways Society Judges Strong Women


Boy Oh Boy! You Are Really Picking At Me Now!

Don’t fall over but there are actually empathetic people out there that can love and nuture but also understand that there are things out of our control!

This quote really hit home with me, if you can’t tell. Over the years I have come to realize that it’s a brain that is based in logic. I tend to look at things from two viewpoints:
Can this be changed?
Am I seeing this from every viewpoint?

As a woman you would think that this would be a great attribute. Calm under pressure. Ready to stand up and step in and care for my family.
You know, to handle all of the shit. Honestly though, people like me. Women like me. Get judged. People use words like cold, hard, and unsympathetic. And sometimes I feel like I need to defend myself. But then I think back. I think to when my fiance’ died, when I was 19 years old. I go back and remember the feeling as I drove up to my home, as it burned to the ground. And I take myself back to the words I will never forget; “You know. You’re husband could die.”

If I didn’t keep my composure and think with my logical brain, would I have been able to handle the cards dealt to me over the past 26 years? I say NO. I would not. And that’s when I say screw em. If you don’t like my COLD ways, don’t come looking for my help or guidance. I am sure someone else will be along the way, right after you.

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Strong Woman Quotes


You Are So Confident!

And so smart and so pretty! But if you MAKE me feel inferior, you’re a cow. Ladies, this one’s for you too. Because let’s be honest, we know that if we, by chance, make a male feel inferior, they will lash out but what about other females? Yikes! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Even if it towards another woman who was just living their life, focused on themselves. I mean I hate to say it but your insecurities are not their fault! Before you call them out, react to their confidence, lash out because of what you heard; STOP! And take a real good look at the situation. Decide if what you NEED to say, needs to be said, at all.

In the end, it’s all about perspective and focusing on what really matters. I know that for me, in my life, drama has no place. I would rather just “Walk On By”.

Dionne Said It Best ” Just Walk On By”

Strong Woman Quotes


Love Yourself…But Not Too Much!

Self-Love. Self-Care. Be Proud of You.
The cliches are wrapping themselves around out throats and absolutely strangling us. As a strong woman, I don’t need to be coaxed to feel good about myself. I know that in order to give true love, I need to love myself. But I am also very aware that if I love myself too much. If I exhibit traits of worth and speak my truth…there will be people out there wondering “Who the Hell Does She Think She Is?”. Guess what?
I know who I am. I’m a bad bitch who knows my place. And that place is to say what I need to say and own my truth.

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Until Next Time,

Michele M. Bradley