3 Ways to Avoid Direct Sales Burnout

Direct Sales Burnout and what you can do to avoid it. 

Often, when you think about Direct Sales as a whole, you think of Stay at home Mom’s. That’s simply because of the flexibility that the industry offers to it’s participants. The issue with that theory is that if not done right, it’s anything but flexible and can lead to Direct Sales burnout before you find the success you are looking for. 

Burn out is a real issue within the direct sales community. Independent consultants work night and day to reach the standards set by their companies home office. Very often they are trying to reach sales goals and earn incentives, dangled in front of them, as a standard of success. These consultants are trying to maintain their own personal sales, stay up to date on the newest releases and motivate their teams to do the same.

Working direct sales myself, day in and day out, over the past six plus years, I learned quickly that I had to find some kind of balance if I wanted to really succeed at this job. Here are a few of the steps I implemented:

It’s all about these 3 easy steps. 

  1. Hobbies and Pastimes.
    Schedule time to enjoy those hobbies and pastimes that you love. 
    You should never come last when it comes to limited time. Our mental health is so important and good mental health comes from downtime. So if you love to read, but haven’t read a book in 2 years, there’s a problem. Whether you schedule a block of time or use 15 minutes at a time, make sure that the time is scheduled! 
  2. Non Direct Sales Friendships.
    Keep them. Cultivate them. Love them and never ever lose them. Sometimes when we get involved with something new, we tend to go gangbusters. We sink into the culture and we can’t  bring ourselves out of it long enough to see that we are losing friendships because of it. I beg of you, don’t let this happen. Make sure you are scheduling those lunch dates with your high school friends. Go see a movie with the school PTA mom’s. Book a pedicure with your sorority sisters. Whatever you have to do to find balance in relationships, do that! 
  3. Self Care.
    Nails, hair, pedicure, massage, facial, working out. These are the things that are a must. Self care and taking care of yourself must come first when you are working for yourself, by yourself. Take time to get out of the house and do something that feels good. Not only will you be rejuvenated, but you are expanding your network, meeting people out and about. 

Direct sales is a great way to work a flexible and rewarding career. It allows you to contribute to the household while being able to volunteer at your child’s school. But with the flexibility and ease, it can very quickly lead to burn out if simple steps aren’t taking find balance in your life. Taking these three simple steps monthly will keep you mentally healthy and balanced when it comes to work, personal life balance. 

Until Next Time,